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SEO For Startups in Cyprus

Search engine optimization is a challenging yet rewarding way to bring traffic to your website. SEO for startups in Cyprus is no different from SEO for any other company but, as a startup, you may not have the resources that other, larger companies in your industry have. So, we are going to give you some tips on how to grow organic traffic for long-term use through SEO techniques and how it can be cost-effective.

SEO startups in Cyprus

What is SEO, and How will it Benefit your Startup?

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of increasing traffic to your website through organic search engine results. If done correctly, you will increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your site so you gain more leads, sales, clients, whatever it is you’re aiming for.

So, let’s look at how it works: Search engines have bots that go through all the content published on the internet and builds an index that is then placed into an algorithm. This then matches the content with a query (keyword/phrase) that is entered into the search engine. There is a lot of factors that the algorithm looks at, including:

• Domain-Level, Link Authority Features (quality of links to this domain, domain-level page ranking).

• Page-Level, Keyword-Agnostic Features (content length, readability, load speed).

• User, Usage, and Traffic (traffic and usage signals from browsers).

• Social Metrics (quantity and quality of Facebook shares, links twitted).

• Domain-Level Keyword Usage (exact-match keyword domains and partial-keyword match).

We will go into more detail about how to obtain the above factors further on in this post. But for now, we are going to tell you why SEO will benefit your startup.

To start, SEO is cost-effective. Unlike other digital marketing sphere practices, such as social media marketing and PPC advertising, SEO is more affordable, especially considering the long-term effects. Think of it as a smart, long-term investment where you dedicate time in order to see results rather than spending an insane amount of money over 6 months through advertising. However, you really do need dedication. There is no quick way to build a credible online presence on search engines. If you do try quick fixes such as ‘black hat techniques’, then the algorithm will soon catch on and search engines will never trust your site.

By using SEO for startups in Cyprus, you also have the opportunity to compete with the most prominent organizations in your field. With the right, engaging content and a strong SEO strategy, you can outrank your competitors because, as we have said, Google doesn’t care about the money you spend. It cares about your strategy.

And of course, we have to mention the huge market potential if you use SEO techniques for your startup. There are more than 3.5 billion searches on Google on a daily basis. Imagine how many potential leads you could lose if you are not employing an SEO strategy.

SEO is cost-effective. Unlike other digital marketing sphere practices, such as social media marketing and PPC advertising, SEO is more affordable, especially considering the long-term effects.

How to Create a Quality SEO Strategy

Luckily, as we’ve previously mentioned, SEO for startups in Cyprus is no different than SEO for large, long-running organizations. This is because Google (or other search engines) does not care how big or successful your company is. They only care that you match the algorithm. Now, we’ve listed the factors that the algorithm takes into account. But, how do you accomplish this?

The first challenge is keyword research (Domain-Level Keyword Usage). In terms of SEO, keywords are the words or phrases that match search engine queries. So, you need to be building content around keywords that your audience searches for and that is relevant. There are multiple ways to do this. Of course, teaming with an agency with experience is ideal however, it can be completely free if you decide to do the research yourself.
The most simple and free ways to do this research include:

• Finding out what keywords your competitors are using

• Use free tools such as Google Trends and Ubersuggest

• Search keywords relating to your market in Google and see what suggestions come up at the bottom under ‘Searches related to…’

Of course, some tools give more advanced data. However, the suggestions above are ideal if you want to keep your budget to a minimum.

Next, we are going to discuss content (Page-Level, Keyword-Agnostic Features). Although content has always been king, the algorithm is constantly changing. Now, instead of writing short articles on a weekly basis, Google cares more about well written, high-quality and UX friendly content. To make sure your content is going to help your SEO efforts, tick off the following for each blog post, article, FAQ page:

Make it visual so they are appealing to read. This may mean using GIFs, images, graphs and videos.

It needs to be valuable. The Google algorithm looks to match valuable information with search queries. So, make sure you are providing prized information that answers/relates to the keyword you have chosen to focus on.

Make your content link-worthy (Domain-Level, Link Authority Features). You want other sites to be linking to your content as this will signal to Google that you are a trust worthy source that provides quality information. We have written an article about gaining quality links, so check it out if you are struggling.

Share your content on social platforms (social metrics) as this will help you gain more readers. Again, this signals to the algorithm that your content is worth reading.

Again, this does not have to cost you anything if you decide to do it yourself. However, if you choose to hire someone to write your content make sure they are knowledgeable on topics that relate to your business.

Finally, there is the technical side of optimization. There are 2 main reasons why this is important; one reason is so that search engines can index your site correctly and recognize the elements and secondly, to improve your site’s user experience and its content. We’ve created another quick checklist to help you out.

Title Tags: Include your keyword in the title tags and remember every title tag must be different.

Meta Description: These need to be written for your audience and although they are not a direct rank signal, having eye-catching descriptions of your content makes people more likely to go ahead and read your post. This will heavily influence your click-through-rate (CTR), signaling to search engines that your content is of a high-quality.

Page load speed: We will never get tired of explaining why this is so important. If your page does not load within 3 seconds, more than 50% of visitors will bounce. That is a lot of potential sales, clients or leads you could lose.

Mobile-friendliness: It is no surprise that Google will prioritize mobile-friendly sites as most traffic comes from mobile usage. So, make sure you test how your site looks and responses to mobile devices.

Conclusion: SEO For Startups in Cyprus

As we’ve mentioned, search engine optimization is a long-term investment. It takes dedication to bring organic traffic to your site. But, once you have committed to it, you will reap the rewards. By employing the techniques we have written about regarding SEO for startups in Cyprus, you have the opportunity to outrank your competitors without using mass amounts of money. And finally, SEO helps your overall site ranking, not just singular pages.

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Link Building in Cyprus

Linking building in Cyprus can be tricky, it’s a lot of hard work for potentially gaining nothing. However, if you know what types of content are link-worthy and the types of link-building types that could benefit your efforts, you will have a much greater chance of gaining quality-backlinks and ranking high on search engines.
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What is Link Building?

Link building is one of the most critical parts of any SEO strategy. The process and goal of link building are to acquire hyperlinks from other websites to yours. As you gain more high-quality backlinks, your site’s authority will increase, helping you rank higher on search engines.

Link Building in Cyprus: Why is it important ?

As you might already know, Google has many complexed algorithms that are continually evolving, and one of the most essential algorithms is the one that relates to backlinks. By steadily building quality backlinks, you signal to the Google bots that your site has high-quality information useful to your audience. In return for your hard work, Google will reward you with a higher ranking, and of course, you will then receive more traffic.

Google quote: “In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.”

But it’s not just about ranking higher on search engines; building links allows you to form a sort of community with websites in your industry. By reaching other members in your business you build quality relationships and potentially build relationships with important influencers. By doing so, you are proving to your audience (and Google) that your business can be trusted; this is undoubtedly one of the most valuable attributes a company can have. Furthermore, by reaching out to others, you cannot just be link building in Cyprus but also build links on a global scale.

Creating Content for Link-Building in Cyprus

Link building can only be successful if you have link-worthy content. So, we’ve laid out a few checkpoints that ensure your content is worth high-quality links.

• Use reliable data about your industry and link to those data-filled articles

• Make sure you link to articles that are a good fit. Don’t link to articles just because you want them to link back to you. Trust us, they won’t.

• Don’t be boring. Make the content visually pleasing. Use infographics, GIFs, and videos

• Be the expert. Use language that sounds confident because it makes it more likely that other business’ links to your content.

• Don’t just write content for the sake of it or to get links. Write content that you believe in because it will be more engaging, and in return, you’ll get the links you want to acquire.

Types of Link Building

Before the Google Penguin updates, you could use techniques such as article submissions and directory listings to gain backlinks. These techniques were common, especially amongst SEO companies because of how quickly they worked. However, Google now penalizes these types of low-quality links so, avoiding them is in your best interests.
Below you will find explanations of the best types of links for link building in Cyprus.

Manual Outreach Link Building

Manual outreach link building is the most common form of link building. This marketing technique involves you securing high-quality by contacting bloggers and website owners asking them to link back to your domain. If this is a technique you plan to use, you need to be sure you are reaching business owners with websites that will positively impact your search engine rankings. You also need to be certain that your content is worth linking to and the people you are reaching out to are relevant in your industry.

Natural Editorial Links

Natural editorial links are the ones that will leave you feeling quite euphoric. That is because these types of links have been given to you by other website owners without being asked. Essentially, these links mean someone found your content, thought it was useful, and linked back to it.


This summary should help you with your link building in Cyprus. We understand it can seem like your efforts are continually met with less than desirable outcomes; however, using the correct link technique and content worth linking to will help you gain success and help you rank high on Google.

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How to Master Facebook Ads in Cyprus

Using Facebook Ads in Cyprus is becoming a vital way to gain a positive impact on the reach of content for businesses. Facebook has an ever-changing algorithm that you need to constantly keep up-to-date with to make sure your Facebook Ads get seen.
Knowing how to micro-target the correct audience for the business, understanding the various ad types and what kind of engagement to expect are all popular queries. So, we have decided to answer all these questions as well as share our best tips and tricks when using the world’s largest social media network.

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Types of Facebook Ads

Before we even get into the nitty-gritty details of Facebook Ads it is essential to know what type of ads you can create on Facebook. Firstly, because you need to plan what visual content you will need; maybe you need to produce a video or some graphics. Secondly, your target audience will react differently depending on the visuals. There is no point in spending your hard-earned money on a beautifully created video if your audience is not going to have a positive reaction to it.
So, let’s delve into the various types of Facebook Ads.

Single Image Ads

This is arguably the simplest form of creative for ads but, there are so many ways to get creative with a single image so, don’t think simple means boring. You could go for a minimalistic image with a high-resolution photograph of your product (this tends to the most eye-catching image). Or you can even have an illustration of your product or service. Don’t limit yourself to photographs, get creative.

Video Ads

Video has taken over the world (check out our video marketing blog post here). You see video ads everywhere, on your newsfeed, and your stories across all social media. So, you are probably familiar with the various types of video but, just in case you need inspiration here is a list of ideas.
– Demonstration video of your product
– Social proof video (customers talking about your product/service)
– GIF and animation video

Carousel Ads

The carousel ad…the most popular type of Facebook Ads in Cyprus. Here you are able to use a maximum of 10 images or videos to showcase your products or services. The reason for its popularity is that you have the ability to show off multiple attributes of your business within one ad.

Slideshow Ads

If you don’t have the time or money to create a video then we would definitely recommend trying out slideshow ads. You can use still images that you already have to create these slideshows. They are an easy way to draw the attention of your audience and as they use five times less bandwidth than video ads, they are great even for people with a lagging internet connection.

How to Target Your Audience Correctly?

As we mentioned earlier, there is a reason why we spent the first part of this article running through the creative Facebook Ad types. Your audience cares! Every business has a unique audience they will want to target. Therefore, using the correct creative is vital. But now you need to figure out how to target this unique audience. So, here goes…

Business Manager (where you create and manage Facebook Ads) has everything you need to be able to target the right audience. Firstly, there are location-based targeting options. Here you can set your ads to run in specific countries, states, or regions and cities. So, if you are using Facebook ads in Cyprus but want to target outside of the country, that is possible. But, if you want to target particular cities within Cyprus, you can do that as well. The location options are limitless here.
Following on from this, you can add another layer onto location targeting by being even more specific. The options are as followed:

– Everyone in this location (default targeting option)
– People who live in this location
– People who were recently in this location (tracked by mobile device usage in the geographical area you target)
– People traveling to this location (audiences who had the geographic location you are targeting as a recent location that’s 100+ miles away from their home location)


Once you have made the wanted changes to the location you can start to get more specific with you targeting through the demographics.
Here are some of the options you will find under the demographic section in Business Manager:

– Age (very helpful if you are targeting a specific age range e.g. university students)
– Gender
– Language (Targeting in Cyprus but only to English speakers? That is fine because you can combine location and language together to target the perfect audience)

The sections mentioned above are the simplest form of targeting in demographics. Detailed targeting is available and this means you are able to include people with specific job titles, upcoming life events e.g. birthdays, political views, and so on.


When you decide to advertise through Facebook ads in Cyprus then you want to be using interest-based targeting as much as you possibly can. This is because it will allow you to target people specifically interest in a subject related to your product. You can even target people who show particular interest in your competitors.

Tips and Tricks When Using Facebook Ads in Cyprus

So, we’ve briefly covered the different creative ad types and the targeting options you have available on Business Manager. Now, we are going to quickly talk you through some of our best tips and tricks when using Facebook ads in Cyprus.

– Always create multiple versions of your creative (images, videos). You can change the colors, change the lighting, or change the effects on a video. You will be surprised how these changes impacted your reach and engagement.

– Always prioritize mobile-friendly content first. Mobile has taken over the world and conversion rates as well. With 40% of people admitting they only search for products online via mobile and 50% of B2B inquiries made on the mobile, you need to be prioritizing mobile.

– Check Business Manager every other day. You need to be up-to-date on your reach, impressions. CPR (cost per result) and results.

– You NEED to run your Facebook ads in Cyprus for longer than a month. Don’t expect continuous results if you don’t put in continuous effort and money.


Using Facebook Ads in Cyprus is a great way to gain the engagement and conversions you want. However, you need to put in the effort. Detailed targeting and conversion worthy creative take months to create and test out. You need to be dedicated and experimental with your Facebook Ads in order to successful. By using the knowledge above you should be able to start planning your potential ads and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Facebook Ads for Business in Cyprus: Dynamic Creative vs Split Testing

If you are considering running Facebook ads for business in Cyprus then you will need to consider what strategy you are going to use. Facebook has various setting for running and testing campaigns. The 2 major players being Dynamic Creative and Split Testing.

In this post we are going to run through the differences, pros and cons of both approaches as as well as conclude on how and when you should use each strategy.

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Dynamic Creative

This way of creating ads was introduced by Facebook back in 2018 and pretty much revolutionized the way we create ads. Before Dynamic Creative, you would need to create an ad, copy it, edit your variable (headlines, copy, etc.), save it, duplicate and repeat with different variables. Now, this doesn’t seem too intensive if you are only testing 1 or 2 images but, what if you are testing several headlines, images, and copy?

Just having 3 variables of these subjects would leave you with a total of 27 ads to create. And, if that doesn’t take up all your time, creating this amount of various campaigns definitely will.

Thankfully, Facebook caught on to our struggles and created Dynamic Creative. So, nowadays you can add multiple creative elements (your headlines, images, copy) all from one screen and let Facebook find the best combination.
With Dynamic Creative, Facebook takes each element (video, slideshow, image, text, title, etc.) and automatically tests each combination, optimizing your ads for you. It will find the combination with the greatest success without you needing to do anything! It also considers the best creative and ad placement for the campaign audience.

Although Facebook gives you the option to test up to 10 pieces of creative, 5 sets of copy and titles, we would always suggest prioritizing quality and not quantity. Don’t waste money by getting excited about being able to test so many things at once. Instead, take the very best elements, even if it’s just 2 images and 3 variations of text, and run these against each other to find the winning combination.
New to running Facebook ads for business in Cyprus? Take a look at our top tips for using Dynamic Creative below:
1. As we mentioned above, it’s quality over quantity. But, make sure you use the opportunity to test a variety of creative types e.g. video, image, and slideshow. Take your very best image, video and slideshow then wait to see which one has the highest link click rate.

2. Test your call-to-action. Do you want your audience to send you a Facebook message? Do you want them to share their contact details? Whatever it is, we always suggest trying out different CTAs to find which one is most successful when you start with running Facebook ads for business in Cyprus.

3. Try different incentives. You will be surprised at how successful one incentive is in comparison to another so don’t limit yourself to just a 10% discount. Try offering a free consultation or free guide relating to your product/service.

4. Finally, make sure you keep records of ALL your campaigns, the tests your run, and the most successful combinations.

Split Testing

After reading the above, you might think that Dynamic Creative is the only way to run Facebook ads for business in Cyprus but Split Testing is just as important.

Also known as A/B testing, this feature allows you to test one of the following options:

1. Creative
2. Delivery Optimization
3. Placement
4. Audience

By using A/B Split Testing you evenly split your ad set to eliminate audiences seeing multiple variations of your ads through the duration of the campaign (Dynamic Creative doesn’t offer this). You are also guaranteed that Facebook will spend the exact same amount on showing each variation again, this is something that Dynamic Creative does not offer.

Isolating and testing one variable allows you to know exactly which part of the ad was high performing verses low performing. With Dynamic Creative you could well be left guessing that it was because of the image and not the text. Whereas if you are testing just one variable, you know instantly.

Here are some vital rules for split testing:

1. Test one variable at a time. If you try more you might as well use Dynamic Creative however, one variable will give you quicker, solid results.

2. Make sure you use the right amount of budget. For accurate results you will need at least 100 conversions per each ad variation.

3. Prioritize your tests. What do you think could make the difference between getting conversions or not? If you think it’s the call-to-action then test that first. But, if you think its long copy, begin by testing copy length.


So, what is better to use when running Facebook ads for business in Cyprus? We would suggest starting with Dynamic Creative because after all, you need to collect data and you probably have no clue which creative piece is going to work. Run a month-long campaign testing all your best quality creative, copy, call-to-actions, etc. Once you collect your results and know which ones are the high performers move on to Split Testing. With the winning combinations from the DC testing you can begin to A/B test your audience and placements. Once you’ve done that, go back to testing your content, test long copy verses short copy and so on. Remember, Facebook ads do not give good consistent results by just running ads for one month, it is an ongoing process that needs dedication.

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How to Benefit From Digital Advertising in Cyprus

A few months back we entered a new decade and it is fair to say we also entered a new era for advertising. But every so often digital advertising in Cyprus is not utilized to its full extent.
To help you out with understanding whether you are using the right strategies that are up to date, we’ve created a list of techniques you should be using in order for your adverts to be successful in this new era. You can also find information on video content and SEO techniques on our blog (they go hand-in-hand with this article).

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Are You Targeting Millennials or Generation Z?

Your brand may not be for the younger generations but if you are targeting consumers born after 1980 you need to be aware of the differences between Millennials and Generation Z. This is simply because it will change your entire advertising strategery!
But before we delve deep into the advertising techniques for each generation lets recap on who they are and what makes them different.
Millennials were born between 1980 and 1995, they typically remember life without the internet and social media but are all very well connected to friends and family via social media platforms. They grew up during an economic boom and prefer brands that share the same values as themselves; for instance, if they are vegan they will typically pick a vegan brand of makeup or if they believe in making a difference to climate change they will buy sustainable clothing.
Now time for the younger generation, Generation Z, these are the people born between 1995 and the mid 2000’s, they typically grew up with mobile phones, tablets and prefer Instagram and Snapchat to Facebook and Instagram. They also have no idea what it was like to grow up without the internet, unlike Millennials. This generation makes up 32% of the global population and according to recent studies, they have an average attention span of 8 seconds, so it is vital you catch their attention immediately.

Most marketers know how to target Millennials as they are the older generations. Strategies such as advertising loyalty programs are known to go a long way, in fact 77% of Millennials are participants in such programs and using Facebook ads to target this generation is ideal as 90% of Millennials are active users.
But Gen Z is less known to marketers, as a matter of fact it is a trending approach for 2020 and only just becoming recognizable. What is the difference in ad strategies? Well firstly you need to make sure you are not selling a product to this Gen Z, they want you to sell the experience. They really do not care about how well your product works; they just want to know how it will benefit them and the experience they will gain from the purchase.
Secondly, in order to capture this generation, you need to be making good quality videos! They are one of the biggest audiences on YouTube and as mentioned above, their attention span is short so using visuals helps when grabbing someone’s attention.
Finally, use micro-influencers. Gen Z do not care for globally known names, they prefer smaller influencers. This generation grew up with digital advertising and are immune to the tricks we use for Millennials. You need to draw them in by using a micro-influencer, it seems much more natural for the Gen Z market.

What Type of Copy Are You Using When Advertising in Cyprus?

We all know that A/B testing is crucial, what might work for one demographic will be the reason another business’ campaign collapses. But how far should you take A/B testing when it comes to copy for digital advertising in Cyprus? It is an age-old debate between marketers whether short or long copy works best but we always suggest starting with 3 types of copy, short, medium, and long.
Currently Facebook only allows you to see 3 lines of text before having to click ‘continue reading’ so ideally you would keep your short copy at this length. With such length it is vital you make the statement bold and testing out the use of emojis is very handy as well.
Medium copy is arguably the easiest to write as you are not limited to only a few characters. Be concise enough that it does not turn into long copy but make sure you answer these questions: What is the offer? And what is the benefit? We would recommend around 6 lines of text or 2 small paragraphs.
Finally, long copy. There is no rule to how you approach this apart from making it 3+ paragraphs and tell a story that will entice your target audience. We have seen some ads read like a blog post so do not be scared!

Are You Using Influencers to Help with Your Advertising in Cyprus?

Our digital advertising in Cyprus blog would not be complete without mentioning influencers. It has been reported that influencers generate higher user engagement than content published by a brand themselves, so it makes sense that businesses use this as a marketing technique. The influencer campaign practice has different influencers depending on your target market. As we mentioned in our Millennial vs Gen Z section of this post, Generation Z prefer micro-influencers however Millennials sway towards macro-influencers and older generations like Generation X and the Baby Boomer Generation trust mega-influencers.
Having influencers demonstrate your product on their social media is not the end. You then turn this in social proof campaigns and run A/B testing. You are much more likely to see conversions if someone has seen your product on an influencers page and then is reminded by an ad later on.
If you are stuck trying to find an influencer because your niche is unique or you just do not know where to start then there are plenty of sites such as to help you.

millennials advertising in cyprus


Digital advertising in Cyprus, in fact, advertising anywhere in the world can be challenging if you do not know what direction you should be heading. By keeping up to date on the latest trends and strategies you are much more likely to be successful with campaigns and see the right people heading to your website.

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Video Content in Cyprus: Short-Form vs Long-Form

Video content in Cyprus is starting to really make an appearance and many businesses are becoming aware of video content and its necessity. The evolution of video marketing has been a roller-coaster, with trends changing every year. However, one thing is for sure, video marketing is sticking around.
The 2 ends of the video marketing spectrum are short-form and long-form; the current trend draws upon both ends of the scale with short content becoming even shorter and long content getting longer. Knowing which one to implement in order to engage with consumers is vital and that is what we are here to teach you.

video content in Cyprus


Let’s have a look at some of the benefits from using short-form video content in Cyprus.

As we have just mentioned, the average attention span is declining, especially in younger generations. If your consumer market is mainly millennials or younger, then short-form video content is ideal as this age range responds best to this type of content. Short and quirky.

The short-form video content is also excellent for raising brand awareness as it does not feel too salesy. In today’s world more and more people are put off purchasing a product if the brand is outright pitching a sale to them.

Finally, short-form video fits perfectly with social media platforms. If you are targeting millennials and younger then you really cannot go wrong with this type of video ad. As we mentioned above attention span is declining in conjunction with rising social media accounts. Therefore, short-form video works well here.

Long-form Video

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits and why long-form video content in Cyprus might work for you.

You may be thinking that video marketing is only to be used on Facebook ads for no reason other than direct advertising. However, YouTube is the perfect platform for long-form video content.

YouTube’s algorithm rewards long-form video content as its goal is to keep users on the platform for as long as possible. It is very common for audiences to now replace TV with streaming platforms such as YouTube.

One of the main reasons 15+ minute videos are searched for on this platform is so an audience can gauge the authenticity of the business. By creating a long-form video you are more likely to create an emotional connection. An emotional connection allows a potential buyer or client to feel that what you are providing them is authentic, something that many want from advertising these days but rarely see.

As mentioned in the list above, a detailed picture of your brand is necessary and something that long-form video content can provide. You need to make sure your audience know and can trust your brand. Which leads us on to our final point, reviews and demos. So many people search streaming platforms and watch long-form video content on social media when they want to see how a product works or need to gain a little bit more trust. Therefore, content for this reason could be vital for your brand.

video on phone


Don’t think of video in its generic and traditional sense. Video content in Cyprus can be exciting, it could be animation, virtual reality as well as GIF like content. The main thing to consider is what will immediately engage your audience, and this is usually something creative and out of the box.
From the information above you have probably gathered that both short-form and long-form content work well and they actually enhance either other. An entire cycle of video content (especially for advertising including brand awareness) can begin with short-form videos to entice your audience, and long-form to emphasize trust at the end of the funnel.

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Advertising in Cyprus: Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Advertising in Cyprus can seem like a minefield whether you are new to PPC advertising (pay-per-click) or an expert. Even if you are a complete newbie to the digital advertising world it is more than likely that you are aware of Facebook and Google ads. However, before dedicating yourself and your business to one of these advertising platforms, you need to determine which one suits your business or your clients’ needs best.

Now, if you are indeed a newbie, do not be intimidated. The best experts in the world still need to research which platform suits their client best and this takes time. So, do not rush.

We will show you step by step which platform is best for advertising in Cyprus (it differs country to country) and show you some statistics for different markets.

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Facebook vs Google

We are going to begin this post by explaining the key differences between the two giants. The information below is vital before you even step foot onto either platform and you will see why…

Okay, so Facebook is also known as a Paid Social meaning advertisers reach audiences based on their location, behavior, interests and demographics. On the other side, Google is a Paid Search form of advertising. This means that advertisers target an audience based on their target keywords in search.

Facebook has a 1.45 billion daily active users but Google surpasses that with a 3.5 billion searches per day.

You might now be thinking Google ads is better but let’s look at the cost and ROI. The average CPA (cost per action) for Facebook ads is $18.68 whereas the average cost across industries on Google is $48.96.

Now, let’s look at the average CPC (cost per click) for different industries.

diagram of costs per click

In general, the rule is that Facebook is used for the purpose of building brand awareness and growing an audience. Whereas, Google is used for immediate sales and leads as well as for advertising products and services with high purchase intent during search.

Define Your Objective for Advertising in Cyprus

Defining your objective when it comes to advertising in Cyprus is a must! As we’ve said before, it depends on your market and intentions.

For example, if your goal is to increase brand awareness Facebook ads are ideal. Whereas, if you are looking to generate sales then Google ads could work better.

However, many people assume that they want to generate sales because they want to sell their product when in reality, they actually need to gain social exposure first.

An example of this is luxury real estate businesses in Cyprus that aim to sell property to foreign buyers. Of course, if you are in this business your end goal is the sell the property. Therefore, from the data above you would think Google ads is for you. However, in reality, you need to expose your brand first and to the right audience.

Firstly, if you are targeting foreign buyers it is unlikely, they know of your brand. Therefore, you need to raise awareness, which as you have seen, is what Facebook ads is there for. Secondly, by using Facebook ads you can target the ‘perfect’ potential buyer by selecting the right demographics, locations and interests on Facebook ads. Whereas on Google ads you have to be certain you are using the correct keyword for a foreign buyer, which is much harder than you would think.

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Some More Statistics

In the example above we mentioned a situation where a company is targeting abroad. But, what about advertising in Cyprus for people who live here? Well, again it comes down to your intentions and goals but you cannot ignore statistics.

So, 94% of Facebook’s advertising revenue comes from the mobile, which is an extraordinary amount and with the average Facebook user clicking on 11 ads per month (1 every 3 days) you can understand why Facebook is so successful. Of course, not every click will be effective and lead to a user purchasing a product but it creates awareness and engagement.

Now, there is 1 million social media users in Cyprus (an increase of 55 thousand or 5.8% between April 2019 and January 2020). This is a very high population majority and the potential reach is high. Therefore, advertising in Cyprus for residents here via Facebook is a highly possible win.


Advertising in Cyprus all depends on your business, what you want to gain and of course your budget has a significant impact as well.
Overall, it is cheaper to advertise on Facebook (if you know what you are doing) and it provides much better brand awareness than Google. However, if an audience is already aware of your brand and you have the keyword research as well as the budget to advertise on Google then this platform could be right for you.

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Digital Agencies in Cyprus: What to Ask before signing with them

Digital agencies in Cyprus are growing and there are a select few who are truly helping businesses grow by delivering marketing techniques and strategies; including SEO, content marketing, social media and paid media.

But before you get too excited and sign with a digital agency in Cyprus to broaden your reach, read our in-depth article and see what you should be asking.


1. What are your services? How will they help my business?

You want to partner with an agency that fits! Do you need to rank higher on Google? Then partner with an agency who has a good reputation for SEO. Does your business need high quality videos to promote your services/products? Pick an agency with those high-quality videos on their website.

2. How will you use a customized approach?

Don’t pick an agency who has a one-size-fits-all attitude! Ask the agency how they plan to customize a strategy for you and your business and make sure they give a detailed answer!

3. What is your communication and reporting like?

Digital agencies in Cyprus and all over the world have different ways of communicating and reporting. Some rarely report on how the project is going whereas others give updates to their clients on a regular basis. Ask the agency what they communication is like? Does it fit your expectations?


4. What industries do you often work with?

If you find an agency who regularly does work with your industry, then it is more than likely that they’d be a very good fit for you! It is not vital that they have mass experience in your industry, but it means you can easily see a portfolio that relates.

5. What size is your agency?

There is no right answer for this one! A great agency might have 4 employees or maybe 40, however there are pros and cons to agency size. For example, if you partner with a smaller agency it is much more likely that you will have direct access to the people managing your campaigns but larger agencies are more likely to offer more services.

6. How Do You Measure Your Service Results?

In the digital marketing world data is kept transparent. Agencies pride themselves on achievements and know exactly where improvements are needed and challenges are faced. Ask the agency how you will receive service result data and how well detailed these reports are.

SEO in Cyprus: 3 Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

SEO in Cyprus is evidently not as competitive as other countries around the globe; however, it is growing at a steady pace. This means now is the chance to improve your SEO skills and put the new trends to use. This post will cover the 3 trends making an appearance in 2020.

Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

Artificial intelligence is driving SEO and we’re going to show you how and why.
Do you ever use Siri? Or Amazon Echo? Or Google Home? Most of us at Sorxmedia do because let’s face it, it’s super easy and you don’t need to press any buttons! Hence why voice search is on this list.

During October last year, Google announced an extremely important update to their algorithm and its biggest advancement of artificial learning, Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding or BERT for short.

If you’re unsure what we’re talking about, let us break it down for you.

  • Although computers have been around for a fair amount of time, they cannot understand language, they simply store text.
  • Welcome Natural Language Processing or NLP, a field which strives to understand the structure and meaning on text. This network-based technique is so fundamental to SEO practice as it deals with how people search and understands what words in a sentence mean.

So why is optimizing your content for BERT important?

There is no single way to optimize purely for BERT however improving your website will help. You need to be creating higher quality content than ever before! Forget about messy long-tail keywords and begin creating ‘how-to’ sections as well as FAQ divisions.

Zero Click Searches

It’s common to Google a question and find the answer without needing to click on any link due to featured snippets. Obviously, these featured snippets are vital for brand awareness and with that being said you now need to ask yourself how to rank for these snippets.

  • Firstly, if you are already on the first page it makes it much easier. It means your content is great and relevant to what your audience are searching for.
  • Formatting is essential and you cannot ignore it! Think bullet points, a table or a paragraph? What works for your audience?
  • Research your competitors: What are they ranking for? Is their information more clear and easier to read? Think how you can improve your snippet.

UX (User Experience)

Our final trend for SEO in Cyprus this year is user experience. UX has been part of marketing for quite some time however this year it will make a big appearance for SEO.

It covers everything from page speed and keywords to images and value of content.

  • Page speed: If your page doesn’t run fast on both mobile and computer then forget it ranking on first page, no one will wait around for it to load when they have plenty of other options.
  • Keywords: Your audience is looking for what you’re providing on your website, make sure you use the correct keywords.
  • Images: Make sure the images are relevant to what your content is about, use Alt tags (write these for humans not computers) and use the correct file type.
  • Content: Obviously, create content that matters to your audience but don’t forget who your audience is. If you’re like us, a digital marketing agency, are you writing content for other people who offer the same services? Or for potential clients who will (hopefully) find you ranking first on Google.

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Time to Team Up With A Digital Marketing Agency in Cyprus

Last week Cyprus went into lock down. Businesses closed and this caused devastating effects to stores who rely on high street sales. With this we’re witnessing more businesses becoming dependent on online sales and some are not thriving due to a lack of a good online presence. This is where you can utilize your time and team up with a digital marketing agency in Cyprus! Most agencies have the capability to work remotely so if you’ve got free time on your hands from self-isolating consider taking the time to really look at your online presence.

It goes without saying that after Cyprus went into lock down the internet usage increased; in fact, it has dramatically increased around the world with an average of a 20% growth of web traffic in most countries.

The sites with the highest amount of traffic and therefore still receiving inquiries and sales are of course those that rank on Google’s first page. We will cover why and how they appear on the first page throughout this article. As well as why you need to follow suit. And do not forget, once this is all over you will need an epic online presence to bring activity and sales back up.

So, let’s go through the important questions you need to consider:

  • How is your website speed?
  • Do you rank of the first page of Google for your services?
  • Do you have high quality content?
  • Does your website have video content showing your services?
  • How up to date are your social media pages?

The Importance of Website Speed

Imagine this scenario: You’re interviewing someone for a quality position within your company and they arrive late. Is that a good first impression? You’re less likely to hire them, right? Well it’s the exact same for slow loading speed on your page. According to statistics if your page doesn’t load within 4 seconds you will lose 25% of your visitors, meaning the number of conversions is heavily impacted. The visitor has such a bad first impression that even if you have high quality content on your site, they won’t bother to read it.

In today’s world people automatically associate fast loading speed with professionalism and are confident your site is worthy of their time if it loads quickly. Therefore, site speed is vital for good UX (user experience), whatever it is that your audience are looking for, give it to them fast! They will presume you’re highly professional and this will increase your ranking.
Speaking of rankings, Google rankings are affecting by site speed. Google’s algorithm considers page speed so if your site takes more than 2 seconds to load Google is less likely to care about your most recent blog or update.

Now it’s time to find out why you need to partner with a digital marketing agency in Cyprus to help you out.

To achieve essential loading speed, it takes someone who is tech savvy to minimize files, optimize images, enable compression, optimize the server and minimize the HTML, just to name a few. Luckily for you, every digital marketing agency will have a developer who does on-page SEO.

How to Achieve Good Search Engine Rankings

Since we mentioned page rankings in the previous paragraph lets delve into the subject a bit more. Firstly, do you ever go onto page 2 of Google to find what you’re looking for? Much like how people
associate fast loading speed with professionalism, people also associate first page sites with being more reliable and trustworthy.

Now as we mentioned, page speed has an impact on search engine ranking but let’s not forget about backlinks. Backlinks are when a site links to another site and this is considered very important to Google. If you receive a backlink from an aged domain you’re doing very well, although a backlink from a newer domain isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
Second thing to consider is page level factors. If you are writing content and using an outdated system of ideas, then you won’t get the rankings you strive for. Yes, keywords in the title tag are important but they’re not as important as they used to be. It’s the same with the content you upload, it’s outdated to upload a lot of short articles, instead upload a few high-quality pieces a month.

Obviously, these a just snippets of how to achieve good search engine rankings however every good digital marketing agency in Cyprus should have a SEO and content expert who can examine your site and give a detailed guideline of how they will improve your rankings.


Creating High Quality Content

A major part of SEO and what helps your business with gaining good online presence is the quality of content you post. There are 3 key factors in content, keyword research, copywriting and structure.
Every expert will start with keyword research; this is where you need to study what key terms people use in search engines related to your services. Now there is a lot more detail to this, however I doubt you really have the time to run a business and be a SEO and content expert, so leave it to a digital marketing agency in Cyprus.

Anyway, on to copywriting. This aspect needs to be carefully though through as it needs to be attractive for the reader and Google. You need to think about sentence length, writing clear paragraphs and text structure. If Google is clear on your subject matter than it’s a green light for their algorithm as well as giving you a happy and satisfied page visitor or penitential client.

The last step is to structure the content so that Google can understand it and so that it’s UX friendly. A table of content is a must! As previously mentioned, people trust sites that load quickly because it’s worthy of their time, this is the same for finding the right content. If they can click on the section they want to read from the table of content and the page automatically takes them to that section, then perfect! No time wasted!

Video Content as A Trend

Did you know that by 2021 80% of online traffic will be due to video content? So, you can see why it is so important and if your site is lacking video content, then you need to start creating and posting it now!

Video content is extremely important to Google, so your site will begin to climb the ranks of search engines as well as making it much more memorable to your audience as you’re engaging their visual senses. With all this being said, don’t forget that Google needs clear sections to understand the content, you cannot simply record any subject and upload it. It needs to be planned and executed perfectly in order to be effective.

Now once you have your video content ready you need to optimize it for SEO; this includes using keywords in the title, having a good description and using tags. But it doesn’t finish there, you also need a blog post on the same subject as your video, this will then improve your bounce rate.

Social Media Presence

What is the second biggest search engine? It’s YouTube! Therefore, you need to make sure it is optimized with great content (video content as mentioned above).

As well as a strong YouTube presence, you also need to be active on sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This is simply because social media is part of our daily life and this is where you get shares on quality content and follows on your page and website.

Remember that during this crisis the use of social media has risen, with some site usage increasing by 75% therefore it only makes sense to optimize your social media pages now.

However, if you’re unsure about tactics to optimize your social media pages then contact a digital marketing agency. Most agencies have someone who is specialized in creating and maintaining a strong social media presence so ask for a plan of action and KPIs.

Finally, stay safe during this period of uncertainty!