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Video Content in Cyprus: Short-Form vs Long-Form

Video content in Cyprus is starting to really make an appearance and many businesses are becoming aware of video content and its necessity. The evolution of video marketing has been a roller-coaster, with trends changing every year. However, one thing is for sure, video marketing is sticking around.
The 2 ends of the video marketing spectrum are short-form and long-form; the current trend draws upon both ends of the scale with short content becoming even shorter and long content getting longer. Knowing which one to implement in order to engage with consumers is vital and that is what we are here to teach you.

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Let’s have a look at some of the benefits from using short-form video content in Cyprus.

As we have just mentioned, the average attention span is declining, especially in younger generations. If your consumer market is mainly millennials or younger, then short-form video content is ideal as this age range responds best to this type of content. Short and quirky.

The short-form video content is also excellent for raising brand awareness as it does not feel too salesy. In today’s world more and more people are put off purchasing a product if the brand is outright pitching a sale to them.

Finally, short-form video fits perfectly with social media platforms. If you are targeting millennials and younger then you really cannot go wrong with this type of video ad. As we mentioned above attention span is declining in conjunction with rising social media accounts. Therefore, short-form video works well here.

Long-form Video

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits and why long-form video content in Cyprus might work for you.

You may be thinking that video marketing is only to be used on Facebook ads for no reason other than direct advertising. However, YouTube is the perfect platform for long-form video content.

YouTube’s algorithm rewards long-form video content as its goal is to keep users on the platform for as long as possible. It is very common for audiences to now replace TV with streaming platforms such as YouTube.

One of the main reasons 15+ minute videos are searched for on this platform is so an audience can gauge the authenticity of the business. By creating a long-form video you are more likely to create an emotional connection. An emotional connection allows a potential buyer or client to feel that what you are providing them is authentic, something that many want from advertising these days but rarely see.

As mentioned in the list above, a detailed picture of your brand is necessary and something that long-form video content can provide. You need to make sure your audience know and can trust your brand. Which leads us on to our final point, reviews and demos. So many people search streaming platforms and watch long-form video content on social media when they want to see how a product works or need to gain a little bit more trust. Therefore, content for this reason could be vital for your brand.

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Don’t think of video in its generic and traditional sense. Video content in Cyprus can be exciting, it could be animation, virtual reality as well as GIF like content. The main thing to consider is what will immediately engage your audience, and this is usually something creative and out of the box.
From the information above you have probably gathered that both short-form and long-form content work well and they actually enhance either other. An entire cycle of video content (especially for advertising including brand awareness) can begin with short-form videos to entice your audience, and long-form to emphasize trust at the end of the funnel.


The Importance of Video Marketing in Cyprus

Video marketing in Cyprus is essential whether you want to focus on the Cypriot market or worldwide. This is simply because the way in which we consume media has been revolutionized by the rise of social media. In one of our previous articles about video marketing trends we discussed how Google and Facebook are pushing us to create more video content and if these giants are advocates for video marketing then we need to really pay attention.


The Statistics

First let us run through some statistics to show you why video marketing in Cyprus is necessary.

Now we have these numbers in mind we can review the importance of video marketing. If 85% of businesses use video content and 92% of these found it vital why wouldn’t you use it? You do not need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing, you just need to examine results and find the best practices. Clearly video marketing is one that cannot be ignored.

Secondly with 97% of marketers saying video marketing helps their customers understand their product it would suggest video content is almost necessary to increasing interest and therefore generating sales. If your customer or client can see demonstrations, product showcases and teasers they are much more likely to remember you, in fact they are 55% more likely to remember you. Besides all this it is also less time consuming to watch a product showcase than read an entire blog post about it, making it more effective.

82% of all consumer traffic is on target to be video content meaning video will rule the internet by next year so if you want to catch the attention of your customers then you need to be following the video marketing trend. Trust me, if you are not doing this then your competition will be.

Why Use Video Marketing in Cyprus?

We have delved into the statistics of why you should be using video marketing in Cyprus so next we are going to discuss the benefits and what can be achieved if you venture into video marketing.

Like many other professionals in this field, we advise our clients to use video content on their landing page as it is known to increase their conversion rates as well as helping to humanize your brand and products.

When we say humanize, we mean that videos will help a potential customer connect a personality to your company, something that text cannot do. This works wonders for building trust with a viewer.

Video marketing also enables you to reach a higher percentage of people; as most of us rarely have time to sit down and scroll through masses of written information it is no wonder that video content, especially promotional videos, have such a high success rate. They allow you to connect with ‘lazy buyers’ and visuals help massively in this situation.

With video content you are tapping into the world of mobile usage which is exactly what you want to be doing. Millions of hours are spent on YouTube watching videos and it is actually starting to out rank the amount of time people spend watching TV. Recent studies have also shown that 90% of consumers watch mobile friendly video content before making a purchase. This ties into the trust factor we previously mentioned.


Types of Video Content

Now most of the world have caught on to the importance of using video as a marketing strategy but we have noticed a lack of video marketing in Cyprus. This is most definitely not an obstacle; in fact, it means you can outperform your competition! But what types of videos should you be looking at using?

Demo videos
This type of content allows you to show off and improve the visual representation consumers have of your product. There are so many creative ways to approach this, you can take viewers on a tour of your properties or new software as well as putting a product to the test.

Consumers want to know exactly what they are purchasing and if it will be worth their while. By using testimonial video content, you can get loyal customers to talk through their experience and how your company helped them. This is also the best way to earn trust.

Event Videos
These videos are perfect for creating that humanized content! If you have a conference, fundraiser or launch you can create a showreel of the event and incorporate interviews into the content.

Educational or How to Videos
By giving your viewers new pieces of information or knowledge they will better understand your business. This strategy is helpful for new or returning customers as there is always something to learn. If the content is good enough the customer will return to see more educational videos you create as well as sharing them on social media.

So as we have proven, video marketing in Cyprus is an absolute must! But if you are not quite convinced you can always head to our YouTube channel or our portfolio on the website to see what we have created for our clients.


Video Marketing Trends: What to Expect in 2020

Video content is popular as well as necessary in our contemporary world meaning it is vital that video is part of any marketing strategy. The way in which people consume media is continually changing and this means you must be aware of video marketing trends for 2020 otherwise you will get left behind. With giants like Google and Facebook actively pushing for more video content and technology constantly progressing it is no surprise that 82% of all consumer web traffic is set to be video.

In recent years we have seen videos go viral, 30 second ads become increasingly popular and much more. But what are the video marketing trends for 2020?

The Shoppable Video Marketing Trend

In the first couple of months of 2020 the shoppable video trend has seen huge success. It began with consumers seeing this movement on Instagram and Snapchat, but it is beginning to progress and become much more sophisticated. Gone are the days when you would find products manually, instead when you see a product within a video, you simply click on it and are automatically redirected to the site. The shoppable video is evolving; we are now seeing links embedded on tutorials and educational videos meaning it is more versatile than ever.

Why should this video marketing trend be part of your strategy in 2020? By eliminating the hassle of consumers needing to manually find the product themselves, you naturally shorten the journey for the customer, and this then leads to an acceleration of conversations.

360 Video Technology

Although the nature of 360-degree video content has yet to really take off in the industry and to achieve all it can, it is beginning to make some breakthroughs. Slowing redefining how consumers can view a product, the 360-degree video marketing trend is allowing people to ‘demo’ a product before they purchase it. With 90% of Americans believing content will be better if the video is a 360 video rather than in a traditional context it drives traffic to your business.

Gaining engagement and driving purchase intent by as much as 7% is exactly what 360-degree videos can do for businesses. They also help strive towards a more unique feel to any brand and while they are not easy to produce, they definitely set you apart from competition in your market.

Silent Videos

A few years back we all thought silent videos were outdated and generations old but then Facebook introduced the autoplay feature where it automatically plays videos without sound. The idea blossomed and more social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube have introduced subtitles to their video content. With 80% of people more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available it is no wonder this video marketing trend is taking off.

Silent video culture has led to an increased need and utilization of captions on social media. This is due to consumers wanting context about what they are watching without having to turn the sound on.
As this is a popular trend on social media it makes sense to explore it within business as we live in a world that strives on media sites.


The New Vertical Video Marketing Trend

This new trend is one everybody has been expecting; vertical videos are mobile user friendly and the subject will fill the entire frame meaning you have the consumers undivided attention on your product. This trend was first popularized by Snapchat but has seen found acceptance on Facebook and YouTube with more videos following the trend.

Last year Buffer decided to conduct experiments on vertical videos and found they consistently outperformed square videos; CPC 26% less expensive and CPV 68% less experience with vertical videos on Facebook.

Businesses must keep up with mobile-centric video trends if they are to see conversions; social media is how the majority of companies reach their target market so they desperately need to change the ‘all video must be horizontal’ mindset.

The Vlogging Trend

Vlogging hasn’t always been taken seriously but now is the time to do just that! With the continuous growth of YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat the popularity of vlogging increases; we are seeing more and more people become invested in watching vlogs, in fact YouTube reaches more 18 to 49-year olds than then top 10 primetime US TV shows. With this in mind you can really see why the vlogging trend is on our up and coming video marketing list.

The trend is super versatile and allows companies as well as vloggers to create various types of content. Whether that’s using the live stream feature on social media platforms or creating and polishing a video for YouTube.


There you have it! A list of what video marketing trends to expect in 2020. Now, with all this in mind, don’t forget that video SEO is crucial, if you skip this stage then your efforts are useless unfortunately. Although SEO is constantly seeing new updates, it will be around for a very long time, but video trends are quick to come and go, so ensure you are certain it will fit with your strategy before you spend precious time creating video content as the trend might be outdated tomorrow.


The Film Festival Industry and The Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the escalating nature of the Covid-19 crisis many Film Festivals have been postponed or cancelled. Among this group are festivals such as the Tribeca Film Festival, Greenwich International Film Festival and SXSW 2020.However, several festivals and art-house distributors have tried to soften the blow by offering online substitutes.

While filmmakers mourn the fact their film, which they worked so hard to complete, won’t be screened, the creative world is showing its strength through a digital platform. We’ve compiled a list of organizations that are helping you through this quarantine.



Can we give Oscilloscope and Mailchimp a big round of applause! They have partnered with SXSW to create a webpage where viewers can watch 75 shorts for free. An audience has the pleasure of enjoying all types of genres, from documentaries and animated shorts to narrative. All you need is a stable internet connection and then you are ready to go! Remember self-isolation is tough so keep yourself safe and occupied.

Tribeca Film Festival

This festival was scheduled for April but has since been postponed. How is this organization coping with the pandemic? Well they have gathered select works from their alumni to create a website that releases one short a day. The selection of genres is wide, with comedy, documentary films, animation and more.  

Film Movements Virtual Cinema

How is the film industry managing to support itself during the Covid-19 crisis? This is where you come in! All you need to do is visit, browse the unlimited choices of films and select one to watch. You then pick a theatre you want to benefit, and they will receive a percentage of the ticket price. Pretty nifty idea!



This organization is yet to add its new releases (“Saint Frances” and “The Infiltrators”) on a digital platform however, it is offering 10 digital downloads for $49.99, of which $10 is donated to the Cinema Worker Solidarity Fund.

ReelAbilities Film Festival

Finally, how is this organization coping during the Covid-19 crisis? Well the festival that raises awareness of the perspective of the disabled through films was planned for March 31 until April 6. These dates still match however, the festival has been transformed into a digital gathering. The films will be available to users who have signed up and there will be an interactive live-streamed Q&A with the filmmakers directly after the screening. This idea allows filmmakers and their audience to still communicate during this quarantine period.

The film industry really is trying to keep spirits alive during this pandemic, whether it’s through live streaming or other digital versions. Let’s be thankful that the film community is coming together digitally when in-person social gathering are amiss.

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