Digital Agencies in Cyprus: What to Ask before signing with them

Digital Agencies in Cyprus

Digital agencies in Cyprus are growing and there are a select few who are truly helping businesses grow by delivering marketing techniques and strategies; including SEO, content marketing, social media and paid media.

But before you get too excited and sign with a digital agency in Cyprus to broaden your reach, read our in-depth article and see what you should be asking.

1. What are your services? How will they help my business?

You want to partner with an agency that fits! Do you need to rank higher on Google? Then partner with an agency who has a good reputation for SEO. Does your business need high quality videos to promote your services/products? Pick an agency with those high-quality videos on their website.

2. How will you use a customized approach?

Don’t pick an agency who has a one-size-fits-all attitude! Ask the agency how they plan to customize a strategy for you and your business and make sure they give a detailed answer!

3. What is your communication and reporting like?

Digital agencies in Cyprus and all over the world have different ways of communicating and reporting. Some rarely report on how the project is going whereas others give updates to their clients on a regular basis. Ask the agency what they communication is like? Does it fit your expectations?

4. What industries do you often work with?

If you find an agency who regularly does work with your industry, then it is more than likely that they’d be a very good fit for you! It is not vital that they have mass experience in your industry, but it means you can easily see a portfolio that relates.

5. What size is your agency?

There is no right answer for this one! A great agency might have 4 employees or maybe 40, however there are pros and cons to agency size. For example, if you partner with a smaller agency it is much more likely that you will have direct access to the people managing your campaigns but larger agencies are more likely to offer more services.

6. How Do You Measure Your Service Results?

In the digital marketing world data is kept transparent. Agencies pride themselves on achievements and know exactly where improvements are needed and challenges are faced. Ask the agency how you will receive service result data and how well detailed these reports are.
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