Facebook Ads for Business in Cyprus: Dynamic Creative vs Split Testing

Facebook Ads for Business in Cyprus

If you are considering running Facebook ads for business in Cyprus then you will need to consider what strategy you are going to use. Facebook has various setting for running and testing campaigns. The 2 major players being Dynamic Creative and Split Testing.

In this post we are going to run through the differences, pros and cons of both approaches as as well as conclude on how and when you should use each strategy.

Dynamic Creative

This way of creating ads was introduced by Facebook back in 2018 and pretty much revolutionized the way we create ads. Before Dynamic Creative, you would need to create an ad, copy it, edit your variable (headlines, copy, etc.), save it, duplicate and repeat with different variables. Now, this doesn’t seem too intensive if you are only testing 1 or 2 images but, what if you are testing several headlines, images, and copy?

Just having 3 variables of these subjects would leave you with a total of 27 ads to create. And, if that doesn’t take up all your time, creating this amount of various campaigns definitely will.

Thankfully, Facebook caught on to our struggles and created Dynamic Creative. So, nowadays you can add multiple creative elements (your headlines, images, copy) all from one screen and let Facebook find the best combination.
With Dynamic Creative, Facebook takes each element (video, slideshow, image, text, title, etc.) and automatically tests each combination, optimizing your ads for you. It will find the combination with the greatest success without you needing to do anything! It also considers the best creative and ad placement for the campaign audience.

Although Facebook gives you the option to test up to 10 pieces of creative, 5 sets of copy and titles, we would always suggest prioritizing quality and not quantity. Don’t waste money by getting excited about being able to test so many things at once. Instead, take the very best elements, even if it’s just 2 images and 3 variations of text, and run these against each other to find the winning combination.
New to running Facebook ads for business in Cyprus? Take a look at our top tips for using Dynamic Creative below:
1. As we mentioned above, it’s quality over quantity. But, make sure you use the opportunity to test a variety of creative types e.g. video, image, and slideshow. Take your very best image, video and slideshow then wait to see which one has the highest link click rate.

2. Test your call-to-action. Do you want your audience to send you a Facebook message? Do you want them to share their contact details? Whatever it is, we always suggest trying out different CTAs to find which one is most successful when you start with running Facebook ads for business in Cyprus.

3. Try different incentives. You will be surprised at how successful one incentive is in comparison to another so don’t limit yourself to just a 10% discount. Try offering a free consultation or free guide relating to your product/service.

4. Finally, make sure you keep records of ALL your campaigns, the tests your run, and the most successful combinations.

Split Testing

After reading the above, you might think that Dynamic Creative is the only way to run Facebook ads for business in Cyprus but Split Testing is just as important.

Also known as A/B testing, this feature allows you to test one of the following options:

1. Creative
2. Delivery Optimization
3. Placement
4. Audience

By using A/B Split Testing you evenly split your ad set to eliminate audiences seeing multiple variations of your ads through the duration of the campaign (Dynamic Creative doesn’t offer this). You are also guaranteed that Facebook will spend the exact same amount on showing each variation again, this is something that Dynamic Creative does not offer.

Isolating and testing one variable allows you to know exactly which part of the ad was high performing verses low performing. With Dynamic Creative you could well be left guessing that it was because of the image and not the text. Whereas if you are testing just one variable, you know instantly.

Here are some vital rules for split testing:

1. Test one variable at a time. If you try more you might as well use Dynamic Creative however, one variable will give you quicker, solid results.

2. Make sure you use the right amount of budget. For accurate results you will need at least 100 conversions per each ad variation.

3. Prioritize your tests. What do you think could make the difference between getting conversions or not? If you think it’s the call-to-action then test that first. But, if you think its long copy, begin by testing copy length.


So, what is better to use when running Facebook ads for business in Cyprus? We would suggest starting with Dynamic Creative because after all, you need to collect data and you probably have no clue which creative piece is going to work. Run a month-long campaign testing all your best quality creative, copy, call-to-actions, etc. Once you collect your results and know which ones are the high performers move on to Split Testing. With the winning combinations from the DC testing you can begin to A/B test your audience and placements. Once you’ve done that, go back to testing your content, test long copy verses short copy and so on. Remember, Facebook ads do not give good consistent results by just running ads for one month, it is an ongoing process that needs dedication.

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