How to Benefit From Digital Advertising in Cyprus

Digital Advertising in Cyprus

A few months back we entered a new decade and it is fair to say we also entered a new era for advertising. But every so often digital advertising in Cyprus is not utilized to its full extent.
To help you out with understanding whether you are using the right strategies that are up to date, we’ve created a list of techniques you should be using in order for your adverts to be successful in this new era. You can also find information on video content and SEO techniques on our blog (they go hand-in-hand with this article).

Are You Targeting Millennials or Generation Z?

Your brand may not be for the younger generations but if you are targeting consumers born after 1980 you need to be aware of the differences between Millennials and Generation Z. This is simply because it will change your entire advertising strategery!
But before we delve deep into the advertising techniques for each generation lets recap on who they are and what makes them different.
Millennials were born between 1980 and 1995, they typically remember life without the internet and social media but are all very well connected to friends and family via social media platforms. They grew up during an economic boom and prefer brands that share the same values as themselves; for instance, if they are vegan they will typically pick a vegan brand of makeup or if they believe in making a difference to climate change they will buy sustainable clothing.
Now time for the younger generation, Generation Z, these are the people born between 1995 and the mid 2000’s, they typically grew up with mobile phones, tablets and prefer Instagram and Snapchat to Facebook and Instagram. They also have no idea what it was like to grow up without the internet, unlike Millennials. This generation makes up 32% of the global population and according to recent studies, they have an average attention span of 8 seconds, so it is vital you catch their attention immediately.

Most marketers know how to target Millennials as they are the older generations. Strategies such as advertising loyalty programs are known to go a long way, in fact 77% of Millennials are participants in such programs and using Facebook ads to target this generation is ideal as 90% of Millennials are active users.
But Gen Z is less known to marketers, as a matter of fact it is a trending approach for 2020 and only just becoming recognizable. What is the difference in ad strategies? Well firstly you need to make sure you are not selling a product to this Gen Z, they want you to sell the experience. They really do not care about how well your product works; they just want to know how it will benefit them and the experience they will gain from the purchase.
Secondly, in order to capture this generation, you need to be making good quality videos! They are one of the biggest audiences on YouTube and as mentioned above, their attention span is short so using visuals helps when grabbing someone’s attention.
Finally, use micro-influencers. Gen Z do not care for globally known names, they prefer smaller influencers. This generation grew up with digital advertising and are immune to the tricks we use for Millennials. You need to draw them in by using a micro-influencer, it seems much more natural for the Gen Z market.

What Type of Copy Are You Using When Advertising in Cyprus?

We all know that A/B testing is crucial, what might work for one demographic will be the reason another business’ campaign collapses. But how far should you take A/B testing when it comes to copy for digital advertising in Cyprus? It is an age-old debate between marketers whether short or long copy works best but we always suggest starting with 3 types of copy, short, medium, and long.
Currently Facebook only allows you to see 3 lines of text before having to click ‘continue reading’ so ideally you would keep your short copy at this length. With such length it is vital you make the statement bold and testing out the use of emojis is very handy as well.
Medium copy is arguably the easiest to write as you are not limited to only a few characters. Be concise enough that it does not turn into long copy but make sure you answer these questions: What is the offer? And what is the benefit? We would recommend around 6 lines of text or 2 small paragraphs.
Finally, long copy. There is no rule to how you approach this apart from making it 3+ paragraphs and tell a story that will entice your target audience. We have seen some ads read like a blog post so do not be scared!

Are You Using Influencers to Help with Your Advertising in Cyprus?

Our digital advertising in Cyprus blog would not be complete without mentioning influencers. It has been reported that influencers generate higher user engagement than content published by a brand themselves, so it makes sense that businesses use this as a marketing technique. The influencer campaign practice has different influencers depending on your target market. As we mentioned in our Millennial vs Gen Z section of this post, Generation Z prefer micro-influencers however Millennials sway towards macro-influencers and older generations like Generation X and the Baby Boomer Generation trust mega-influencers.
Having influencers demonstrate your product on their social media is not the end. You then turn this in social proof campaigns and run A/B testing. You are much more likely to see conversions if someone has seen your product on an influencers page and then is reminded by an ad later on.
If you are stuck trying to find an influencer because your niche is unique or you just do not know where to start then there are plenty of sites such as to help you.


Digital advertising in Cyprus, in fact, advertising anywhere in the world can be challenging if you do not know what direction you should be heading. By keeping up to date on the latest trends and strategies you are much more likely to be successful with campaigns and see the right people heading to your website.

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