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Online Courses for MMA Elite Fighting System

  • Date: December 20, 2018

  • Skills: Web design, WordPress, Videography, Photography

  • Client: MMA Elite Fighting System

  • Project link:


Empower Your.
True Potentials.


Complete Online Education In One Website.

This project required a simple but yet visually powerful website to demonstrate the branded educational content created by our team. We've used strong and dark bright colors to bring that character out.


One of the most effective ways to learn something is through videos, great videos.

As a part of this project, our team had planned, set up, recorded and produced all educational videos related to martial arts and demonstrations. We published and promoted the videos all over social media and the website that we had created as well.

& Social Media Channels

Creating a Loyal Community.

We have created, enhanced and managed all the brand’s social media channels and exclusively the YouTube channel using the correct keywords and researched hashtag. MMA Elite Fighting System is on the way to raise its loyal online community.

Learn Martial Arts.

All MMA Elite Fighting System videos are recorded in both English and Greek. The main purpose of the videos is learning self-defence techniques.

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This project was one of the most interesting and fun that we had so far. We loved working with the MMA Elite crew.

Working with Sorxmedia team helped us creat a new modern design web page for our project, which have played a major role in the expansion and public awareness of it. The team is fully dedicated to each client and they are experts in their fields. Most important they are good people! Highly recommended!
Dasos Efstathiou

— Dasos Efstathiou

Martial Artist

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