SEO in Cyprus: 3 Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

SEO in Cyprus
SEO in Cyprus is evidently not as competitive as other countries around the globe; however, it is growing at a steady pace. This means now is the chance to improve your SEO skills and put the new trends to use. This post will cover the 3 trends making an appearance in 2020.

Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

Artificial intelligence is driving SEO and we’re going to show you how and why.
Do you ever use Siri? Or Amazon Echo? Or Google Home? Most of us at Sorxmedia do because let’s face it, it’s super easy and you don’t need to press any buttons! Hence why voice search is on this list.

During October last year, Google announced an extremely important update to their algorithm and its biggest advancement of artificial learning, Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding or BERT for short.

If you’re unsure what we’re talking about, let us break it down for you.

  • Although computers have been around for a fair amount of time, they cannot understand language, they simply store text.
  • Welcome Natural Language Processing or NLP, a field which strives to understand the structure and meaning on text. This network-based technique is so fundamental to SEO practice as it deals with how people search and understands what words in a sentence mean.

So why is optimizing your content for BERT important?

There is no single way to optimize purely for BERT however improving your website will help. You need to be creating higher quality content than ever before! Forget about messy long-tail keywords and begin creating ‘how-to’ sections as well as FAQ divisions.

Zero Click Searches

It’s common to Google a question and find the answer without needing to click on any link due to featured snippets. Obviously, these featured snippets are vital for brand awareness and with that being said you now need to ask yourself how to rank for these snippets.

  • Firstly, if you are already on the first page it makes it much easier. It means your content is great and relevant to what your audience are searching for.
  • Formatting is essential and you cannot ignore it! Think bullet points, a table or a paragraph? What works for your audience?
  • Research your competitors: What are they ranking for? Is their information more clear and easier to read? Think how you can improve your snippet.

UX (User Experience)

Our final trend for SEO in Cyprus this year is user experience. UX has been part of marketing for quite some time however this year it will make a big appearance for SEO.

It covers everything from page speed and keywords to images and value of content.

  • Page speed: If your page doesn’t run fast on both mobile and computer then forget it ranking on first page, no one will wait around for it to load when they have plenty of other options.
  • Keywords: Your audience is looking for what you’re providing on your website, make sure you use the correct keywords.
  • Images: Make sure the images are relevant to what your content is about, use Alt tags (write these for humans not computers) and use the correct file type.
  • Content: Obviously, create content that matters to your audience but don’t forget who your audience is. If you’re like us, a digital marketing agency, are you writing content for other people who offer the same services? Or for potential clients who will (hopefully) find you ranking first on Google.

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