Sundance Institute: How They Are Fighting The Covid-19 Crisis

Sundance Institute

Like many creative industries, the independent film industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis, but Sundance Institute are fighting a creative battle for all those likeminded.

There has been preparation regarding economic impact and the reorganization of events for many creative minds but after witnessing people using this time to create new ideas, poems, images and music without the pressure of time limits, Sundance Institute became inspired.

They have decided to reimagine the future!

Reimagining The 58 Live Programs

Sundance Institute has begun its battle verses the Covid-19 crisis by reimaging the 58 live programs planned for August 2020; these programs include the 2020 summer labs as well as the Sundance Film Festivals in London and Hong Kong being postponed. While these programs will no long be in-person events, Sundance is adamant to uplift artists.

Adapting Sundance Co//ab

Like many industries, Sundance made the move to gather its creative minds through a digital platform. Sundance co//ab has now been adapted to an online live program which is especially exciting to see! The program, making and launching a short film, was originally created for an audience of 120, however last Friday they saw 1,600 people worldwide register to participate. That is truly a sign of artists sticking together and we all thank Sundance for this.

Changing Q&As, Masterclasses and Webinars

The third approach Sundance Institute is taking to fight the Covid-19 emergency is by opening Q&As, masterclasses and Co//ab webinars to anyone and everyone. These were previously for paid members, but Sundance are uniting creatives for free in order to help. According to the Sundance website, artists are taking advantage of this helpline with 250,000 creators across over 150 countries have used their resources.

Creating Ways to Support Artists

The breakout of Covid-19 has left many creatives needing advice, support and someone to talk to. Sundance Institute have acknowledged this and stated they will need advice and direct financial support. Furthermore, they have set aside a fund in order to support independent artists.

Introducing Field Sustainability

The Sundance Institute is in collaboration with the National Endowment for the Arts in order to hasten a field of sustainability to meet needs raised by artists. We witness the imagination through the launch of a biweekly virtual field meeting; this platform will enable filmmakers to connect with organizations and resources to be shared.

The 2021 Film Festivals

Preparation for the 2021 Sundance Film Festival has begun and due to the nature of the creative industry right now, Sundance have decided to communicate with other film festivals in order to share ideas and work efficiently together during the fight against the Covid-19 crisis. The community is discussing how to support filmmakers whose releases didn’t make it this year as well as productions that are currently halted.

The Sundance Institute Covid-19 full article can be found on their website.

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