The Film Festival Industry and The Covid-19 Pandemic

Film festival

Due to the escalating nature of the Covid-19 crisis many Film Festivals have been postponed or cancelled. Among this group are festivals such as the Tribeca Film Festival, Greenwich International Film Festival and SXSW 2020.However, several festivals and art-house distributors have tried to soften the blow by offering online substitutes.

While filmmakers mourn the fact their film, which they worked so hard to complete, won’t be screened, the creative world is showing its strength through a digital platform. We’ve compiled a list of organizations that are helping you through this quarantine.


Can we give Oscilloscope and Mailchimp a big round of applause! They have partnered with SXSW to create a webpage where viewers can watch 75 shorts for free. An audience has the pleasure of enjoying all types of genres, from documentaries and animated shorts to narrative. All you need is a stable internet connection and then you are ready to go! Remember self-isolation is tough so keep yourself safe and occupied.

Tribeca Film Festival

This festival was scheduled for April but has since been postponed. How is this organization coping with the pandemic? Well they have gathered select works from their alumni to create a website that releases one short a day. The selection of genres is wide, with comedy, documentary films, animation and more.  

Film Movements Virtual Cinema

How is the film industry managing to support itself during the Covid-19 crisis? This is where you come in! All you need to do is visit, browse the unlimited choices of films and select one to watch. You then pick a theatre you want to benefit, and they will receive a percentage of the ticket price. Pretty nifty idea!


This organization is yet to add its new releases (“Saint Frances” and “The Infiltrators”) on a digital platform however, it is offering 10 digital downloads for $49.99, of which $10 is donated to the Cinema Worker Solidarity Fund.

ReelAbilities Film Festival

Finally, how is this organization coping during the Covid-19 crisis? Well the festival that raises awareness of the perspective of the disabled through films was planned for March 31 until April 6. These dates still match however, the festival has been transformed into a digital gathering. The films will be available to users who have signed up and there will be an interactive live-streamed Q&A with the filmmakers directly after the screening. This idea allows filmmakers and their audience to still communicate during this quarantine period.

The film industry really is trying to keep spirits alive during this pandemic, whether it’s through live streaming or other digital versions. Let’s be thankful that the film community is coming together digitally when in-person social gathering are amiss.

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