Video Content in Cyprus: Short-Form vs Long-Form

Video content in Cyprus

Video content in Cyprus is starting to really make an appearance and many businesses are becoming aware of video content and its necessity. The evolution of video marketing has been a roller-coaster, with trends changing every year. However, one thing is for sure, video marketing is sticking around.
The 2 ends of the video marketing spectrum are short-form and long-form; the current trend draws upon both ends of the scale with short content becoming even shorter and long content getting longer. Knowing which one to implement in order to engage with consumers is vital and that is what we are here to teach you.


Let’s have a look at some of the benefits from using short-form video content in Cyprus.

As we have just mentioned, the average attention span is declining, especially in younger generations. If your consumer market is mainly millennials or younger, then short-form video content is ideal as this age range responds best to this type of content. Short and quirky.

The short-form video content is also excellent for raising brand awareness as it does not feel too salesy. In today’s world more and more people are put off purchasing a product if the brand is outright pitching a sale to them.

Finally, short-form video fits perfectly with social media platforms. If you are targeting millennials and younger then you really cannot go wrong with this type of video ad. As we mentioned above attention span is declining in conjunction with rising social media accounts. Therefore, short-form video works well here.

Long-form Video

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits and why long-form video content in Cyprus might work for you.

You may be thinking that video marketing is only to be used on Facebook ads for no reason other than direct advertising. However, YouTube is the perfect platform for long-form video content.

YouTube’s algorithm rewards long-form video content as its goal is to keep users on the platform for as long as possible. It is very common for audiences to now replace TV with streaming platforms such as YouTube.

One of the main reasons 15+ minute videos are searched for on this platform is so an audience can gauge the authenticity of the business. By creating a long-form video you are more likely to create an emotional connection. An emotional connection allows a potential buyer or client to feel that what you are providing them is authentic, something that many want from advertising these days but rarely see.

As mentioned in the list above, a detailed picture of your brand is necessary and something that long-form video content can provide. You need to make sure your audience know and can trust your brand. Which leads us on to our final point, reviews and demos. So many people search streaming platforms and watch long-form video content on social media when they want to see how a product works or need to gain a little bit more trust. Therefore, content for this reason could be vital for your brand.


Don’t think of video in its generic and traditional sense. Video content in Cyprus can be exciting, it could be animation, virtual reality as well as GIF like content. The main thing to consider is what will immediately engage your audience, and this is usually something creative and out of the box.
From the information above you have probably gathered that both short-form and long-form content work well and they actually enhance either other. An entire cycle of video content (especially for advertising including brand awareness) can begin with short-form videos to entice your audience, and long-form to emphasize trust at the end of the funnel.

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